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PFI Talks Vol. 10 – Robert Doucha

In the tenth episode of the PFI Talks series, Janis Aliapulios interviewed Robert Doucha, who is responsible for investments in renewable energy in the BHM group, in particular in the construction of wind power plants in Finland.In the interview you will hear how the divestment of one of the projects to BlackRock went and what he thinks about the future of renewable energy.

Interview in Czech language

Interview in English language

Robert Doucha – Chairman of the Board /Winda Energy – GHR/

Robert Doucha graduated in nuclear physics at the Czech Technical University in Prague and in the past worked as a FEM analyst at Mercedes Benz, as a team leader in R&D at Robert Bosch or as a researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Fuels Prague. Mr. Doucha is currently actively managing Green Horizon Renewables’ investments in Finland, in particular a portfolio of wind power projects. He is also involved in the preparation of new projects and new acquisitions in the on-shore wind energy sector. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Winda Energy Oy, a Finnish wind project developer.

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