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PFI Talks Vol. 18 – Dan McCrum

The story of the German financial company Wirecard sounds like the subject of a film. A company with the aura of a European tech giant challenging its American rivals collapsed in 2020, with its path to ruin punctuated by falsified accounts, empty mailboxes in the Philippines and the founder’s escape. The story of the fraud, which many have long refused to believe, has been gradually unravelled since 2014 by Dan McCrum, a journalist at the Financial Times. Last year he published a book, Money Men, and made a documentary based on his reporting. He described the ins and outs of the case during an interview on another PFI Talks podcast.

Interview in Czech language

Interview in English language

Dan McCrum – Investigative Reporter/Financial Times

Dan McCrum joined the Financial Times in 2007. He has covered business and finance from both sides of the Atlantic, and has a particular interest in accounting fraud and corporate misbehaviour. His acclaimed book Money Men: a hot startup, a billion dollar fraud, a fight for the truth was made into the Netflix feature documentary Skandal! Bringing down Wirecard. Dan has won more than a dozen prizes for his reporting, including Journalist of the Year at the 2020 British Journalism Awards.

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