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PFI Talks Vol. 6 – Karel Horák

The guest of the sixth episode of PFI Talks was Karel Horák, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Home Credit Bank in Kazakhstan. In an interview led by Leoš Rousek, you will find out what range of services Home Credit Bank offers in Kazakhstan, how it has become a digital bank over time and to what extent there is interest in mobile applications, cashless payments or branch visits. The topic of consumer behavior in Asia, restrictions in the days of COVID-19, working from home or the use of chat / voice bots will also come into play.

Interview in Czech language

Shorter interview in English language

Karel Horák – CEO and Chairman of the Board /Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan/

Karel Horák is the current CEO and Chairman of the Board of Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan and will be our guest in this week’s edition of PFI Talks. Mr. Horak is an alumnus of VŠE with a Master’s Degree in Management and Economy. After completing his studies, Mr. Horák supported the sales and marketing, finance, and business development of Coca-Cola Hellenic over the course of 12 years. In 2015 he joined the multinational Home Credit and its Indonesian operations before transitioning to the Kazakhstan office in 2018.

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