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PFI Talks

PFI Talks Vol. 9 – Peter Oppenheimer

On the ninth episode of the PFI Talks podcast series Leoš Rousek interviewed Peter Oppenheimer Goldman Sachs’ Chief Global Equity Strategist & Head of Macro Research in Europe. You will learn what Mr Oppenheimer thinks about

PFI Talks Vol. 8 – Robert Wigley

With the new eighth episode of PFI Talks, we opened the topic of Brexit and retail investment with Robert Wigley, current chairman of UK Finance - a group representing the British financial sector on the

PFI Talks Vol. 7 – Pavel Mucha

In the seventh part of the PFI Talks podcast spoke Pavel Mucha, the founding partner of the Enern investment group, which is behind successful projects such as Dámejídlo, Slevomat, Rohlík, Docplanner and others. Pavel Mucha

PFI Talks Vol. 5 – Jan Švejnar

Jan Švejnar, founding member of CERGE-EI and professor of global economics at Columbia University in New York and director of the Center for Global Economic Governance (CGEG), is a guest on the fifth volume of

PFI Talks Vol. 4 – Lukáš Vácha

The guest of the fourth part of the PFI Talks podcast series is the Business Director of Wealth Management at Conseq Investment Management, Mr. Lukáš Vácha. In the following interview, you will learn what the

PFI Talks Vol. 2 – Marek Mora

The second guest of the PFI Talks podcast series, which the Prague Finance Institute brings to you in cooperation with Deník E15, is Marek Mora, Vice Governor of the Czech National Bank. Listen to Mr

PFI Talks Vol. 1 – Igor Mesenský

The Prague Finance Institute in cooperation with the economic daily E15 invites you to listen to the first podcast from PFI Talks. The first guest of the moderator Leoš Rousek is Igor Mesenský, partner and head


Leoš Rousek is the founder and owner of Investorio, a company focused primarily on advising on relations with investors and the media. Clients include major financial companies and start-ups, such as INVESTIKA, MONETA Money Bank, Home Credit Group and Primoco UAV. For more than two decades, Leoš Rousek worked as an economic journalist in the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia and Slovakia for The Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones Newswires. Later he also worked in the Czech media, most recently in Hospodářské noviny.

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