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PFI Scholarship Program

Are you a motivated and talented student? Do you want to study economics or finance-related subjects at a prominent university abroad? Are you worried that your economic situation will limit you in this endeavour? No need to worry! We at the Prague Finance Institute want to support bright minds in pursuing their dreams, and that’s why we have established a new scholarship program that could work for you!
Applications are now open!

We accept your applications, requests or any questions regarding the selection process on

Who is awarded

Who is awarded

  • PFI Scholarship supports Czech and Slovak students in gaining experience abroad at leading universities that offer study programs focused on economics and finance in a broader sense.
  • Every year we will provide our help to one student to study master’s degree at their chosen university abroad.

How to apply

How to apply

  • The candidate must be a citizen of the Czech or Slovak Republic and under the age of 26.
  • To apply for the 1st round of assessment you need to send us your CV, motivational letter or video (we also accept the documents prepared as part of the university application process), financial plan and academic results to before 29 February 2024. Please note that candidates submitting their scholarship application as of 31st of January might be interviewed in February or March. Candidates submitting application later, will be interviewed in March or April. The final evaluation of all candidates will take place simultaneously.
  • In the 2nd round you will be interviewed with the Selection Committee.
  • It is necessary to prove the lack of funds needed for the university of their choice (only after being selected as a recepient of scholarship).

What we expect

What we expect

  • Reporting about your progress in studies.
  • Short summary or article about your time abroad to be published occasionally on the PFI website.
  • Returning to the Czech Republic after your graduation and making a positive contribution to society for example by participations in lectures, discussions, or workshops.
  • Joining the community of Czech experts with sharing your experience and helping other students to study abroad.
  • On the other hand the PFI will offer you attractive working possibilities in the Czech Republic to you after your graduation.

Who You Are
    • University student or young professional
    • You have basic understanding of corporate finance, accounting and microeconomics (not required)
    • You are eager to put in an effort and commit to a 13 weeks educational adventure
    • Open to meet talented peers and inspiring lecturers

What You Get
    • 13 weekly lectures followed by networking sessions in the heart of Prague (CERGE-EI, The Schebek Palace, Politických vězňů 7, 110 00 Praha 1)
    • Course covering all aspects of business valuation and investment decision making in a class of only 25 selected students
    • A certificate of completion (requirements: 10/13 attendance, team presentation of case study results)

What It Takes
    • Fill in the registration form and send us your CV
    • Standard course fee is 14 900 CZK, reduced course fee for students under 26 is 6 900 CZK. Course fee will be used to cover organizational costs, educational materials and refreshments
    • The fee is payable once you are approved as a participant


November 2023 – Application Period

29th February 2024 – Scholarship Application Deadline

March 2024 – Application Evaluation (1st & 2nd Round)

April 2024 –  Interview with Scholarship Committee

May 2024 – Announcement of the Selected Scholarship Recipient


Do you need more information? Check the brochure below and if it is not enough, contact us directly at

PFI Scholarship Donors

We would like to inform you that there are only 2 places remaining.

In order to speed up the acceptance of your application, we therefore ask you to send us your CV as soon as you submit your application.

Thank You,
Prague Finance Institute

  • Overview of consolidated financial statements and their major items
  • Overview of financial statement analysis and major financial ratios
  • Capital allocation decisions

  • Discounted cash flow model (DCF) basic principles
  • Basics/Overview of relative valuation and price multiples

  • Relative risk measures
  • Costs of debt & capital (cost of equity, WACC)

  • Revenues, EBITDA margin & EBITDA
  • Tax rate and taxes
  • Investments into NWC, CAPEX
  • Estimating cash flows
  • Estimating growth

  • Loose ends in valuation
  • Value enhancement (sensitivity analysis)

  • PE ratio
  • Other earnings multiples
  • Book value multiples
  • Revenue multiples

  • Czech environment challenges & specifics
  • IFRS vs CAS

  • Financing options
  • Fundamentals of credit analysis

  • Real estate
  • Final homework summary and tips

  • Role of debt in investment decisions
  • Estimation of IRR and other pay-back parameters

  • How to estimate company’s future potential under high uncertainty

  • More information to be announced

  • Presentations
  • Feedback
  • Certificates
  • NETWORKING night