The Prague Finance Institute regularly brings you interviews with leading experts from both local and global perspectives.

Episodes with global experts are hosted by Leoš Rousek, Head of Group Communications at PPF Group and former Head of the Wall Street Journal for the CEE region. Episodes in Czech are hosted by Adam Páleníček, Member of the Board at PFI and M&A manager at KPMG.


Leoš Rousek

Leoš Rousek

Leos works as Head of Group Communications at PPF Group, focusing on investor relations in the financial sector. His previous experience included investor communications at Home Credit International and MONETA Money Bank. Before 2015, he used to work for more than two decades as a business journalist for Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal, reporting from the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia, and Slovakia. From 2017 to 2019, he was the chief economic analyst at the Czech business daily Hospodářské noviny.